Mac And Cheese Recipe For Drunks

Step One: Purchase a box of macaroni, two bags of the shredded cheese of your choice, a garlic bulb, a small bottle of cheap white wine and some butter.

Step Two: If you are in America buy some cheap smoked ham from the deli and cut it up in small chunks. If you are in Europe purchase a package or two of lardons.

Step Three: Throw some oil in a pan. Break up the garlic bulb and throw that in the oil.

Step Four: Turn on the stove. I can’t stress this point enough.

Step Five: Throw the ham or lardons into the pan and stir.

Step Six: After the ham or lardons have cooked enough (Rome Girl likes them crispy, but you can really do this to your own personal taste) pour about 250ml of white wine over the ham/garlic concoction.

Step Seven: Turn heat to the lowest possible setting and let wine/ham/garlic simmer for like 30 minutes. Stir every so often.

Step Eight. Cook macaroni in boiling water.

Step Nine: Drain macaroni. Put half a stick of butter and one of the cheese packages into the pasta. Stir a bunch.

Step 10: Pour the wine/ham/garlic concoction (do real cooks call this “stock?”) over the macaroni and stir a lot.

Step 11. Pour the second package of cheese into the macaroni. Stir some more.

Step 12. Let entire thing sit for like 15 minutes so the cheese can become less hot and stringy.

Step 13: Eat.


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