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Gourmet Franks And Beans Recipe For Drunks

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on May 23, 2011 by drunkexpatwriter

Sometimes, you come home from the bar and know you are going to be sleeping alone because by the time you got up the nerve to talk to the hottie of your choice you were too drunk to make any sense.

Now, you are home alone and worried about being hungover and not able to do shit the next day.

In that case this recipe is for you. You’ll have to air out your bedroom the next morning, but the beans will soak up the booze and you’ll wake up with no hangover symptoms except having to take a massive poo.

But, that’s a fair price to pay for beating back the hangover blues.

Step One: Make sure you always have these ingredients at home. A can of beans. A package of hot dogs. Shredded cheese. Some shitty wine and a bottle of Worcestershire sauce.

Step Two: Turn the dial on the stove about halfway around. Do not skip this step or nothing will get hot. Really.

Step Three: Cut up the hot dogs into tiny pieces.

Step Four: Dump the can of beans into the pot.

Step Five: Stir in the hot dogs.

Step Six: Wait until the beans start to bubble.

Step Seven: Shake a bit of Worcestershire sauce into the pot.

Step Eight: Pour yourself a glass of wine. Drink half the glass and pour the other half into the pot.

Step Nine: Stir until it bubbles again.

Step Ten: Turn off the stove. Again, this is important because you will pass out shortly after eating and you don’t want to burn your house/apartment down.

Step 11: Stir in the shredded cheese.

Step 12: Eat